We are a team of full-stack web developers.
Thanks to our experience and fine-tuned stack we can create your product in no time.
We are looking for projects in need of a development team and are ready to work with a ready-made design or offer UI/UX specialists with the right expertise.

We can help you to:

Develop a project from scratch
Translate your ideas into action plan and implement it.
Update an old project
If yout project feel somewhat old, we will bring it into the modern age and make it futere-proof.
Test the market
We can create a quality MVP so you can test a niche right away or attract new investment to your project.
There is no solution on the market that covers your needs
We will help you connect several existed services or offer an individual solution for your tasks.

We know how to

A framework that allows to build business logic specific to each service. Most solutions can be self-hosted, allowing your project to be independent of third parties, get rid of regular invoices and have control over the data.
  • Design and creation of databases
  • Authorization and authentication
  • Separation of user access levels
  • Creating file storages
  • Working with geoservices
  • Analytics
Interface and front door of services. It can be a blog, an online store, a corporate system or anything else. We use Vue.js, which speeds up the process of creating interfaces. Also Vue.js is in demand by the market, so there will be no problems with support.
  • Adaptive Design
  • SEO friendly
  • Speed Optimization
  • Mobile first

Some examples


Manufacturer of educational equipment, for kindergartens, schools and vocational schools. Developed an online store and product management system.


Back-end: NodeJSMongoDB
Front-end: AngularJSBootstrap


A search engine for drugs in pharmacies. An active project with 100,000 users.


Back-end: NodeJSExpress
Front-end: AngularJSPWA


Price aggregator for electronics and home appliances. Search and compare prices. Automatic parsing of online stores, cataloging of goods was developed.


Back-end: NodeJSHasuraPostgreSQL
Front-end: VueQuasarGraphQL


Crypto hedge fund monitoring service.


Back-end: NodeJSExpressMongoDB
Front-end: Vue

Your review

An online service that allows establishments to collect reviews using QR codes generated by the service.


Back-end: AdonisJSPostgreSQL
Front-end: Vue

Two tables

An online furniture store with rich administration options, as well as contextual advertising management.


Back-end: NodeJSExpress
Front-end: JQueryBootstrap

Our faces

Konstantin Bditskikh
Konstantin Bditskikh
CEO, CTO, Tech-Lead
Timur Shamsutdinov
Timur Shamsutdinov
Senior full-stack developer
Alexander Weinstein
Alexander Weinstein
Middle full-stack developer